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Isaac Juarez is an experienced writer with degrees in both Political Science and European History from the University of California in Riverside.

As a student, Isaac wrote for the Highlander Newspaper, covering local news stories ranging from basic campus happenings to the men’s basketball team’s budget abuse scandal.

He also had the opportunity to study Medieval Warfare in Scotland for one summer where he visited castles, saw battle grounds, wore armor and enjoyed sampling the finest beer Scotland has to offer.

Coupling his unique experiences as a student with his time as both a congressional campaign intern and an Eagle Scout, Isaac hopes to write articles that will turn the often mundane subject of lending into something very engaging for readers.
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Car scammer
Eric A. Richardson, a former Cedar Hills Mayor has pleaded guilty to felony bank fraud when he falsified a car loan financing application in a scheme to skim equity. This comes only months after he was charged with running a Ponzi scheme by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission in May of this year. The U.S. District Court for Utah alleges that Richardson defrauded HeritageWest Credit Union based in Tooele, Utah. Richardson had resigned only one month ago in June. Three days later he...
Fighting businessmen
Cash loan lenders are boosting their political contributions and lobbying efforts in order to get Congress to transfer oversight of their industry from individual states to the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). A House committee heard the proposal on July 24, 2012, despite opposition from the OCC. The aim of the bill, which is called the Consumer Credit Access, Innovation and Modernization Act, or, more formally, HR6139, focuses on equality, in a manner of speaking. The...
Group holding upward arrow
Car ownership has long been an integral part to life in America. Obtaining a vehicle in our young adult lives is often seen as a rite of passage. Additionally, purchasing or financing a vehicle is one of our first and largest signs of independence. Car manufacturers enjoy this element of American culture since they profit from a continued car-enthusiasm that is ingrained in our society. This ingrained car culture is as much a part of America as apple pie, baseball, and freedom of speech. But...
Protester rally
For most Americans, the last few years have been anything but easy. The Great Recession, as many call it, has caused countless Americans to become unemployed or underemployed. Millions of Americans have had their homes foreclosed, lost the opportunity to pursue an education, and even faced hunger. In these desperate times, a growing number of Americans need to borrow money. Borrowing money can be difficult for some Americans though. Those with poor credit often stand no chance of qualifying...
Scammers call old woman
April Garcia from Muscatine Iowa was almost scammed out of hundreds of dollars on July 14 by a group offering cash advance loans. She got a phone call that morning informing her that she was eligible for a $3,300 consumer cash advance loan. Despite recognizing that she didn’t remember filling out an application for cash advance loans, Garcia did recall filling out loan applications in the past. She proceeded with the scammers’ process. “They said I’d have to pay them $330 for insurance but I...
Credit cards broken
Payday loans can be used for anything, including paying off credit card debt. A payday loan is a loan that is lent out to a borrower with the stipulation that a borrower will pay high but short-term interest on the loan. Instant loans typically require borrowers to leave a signed check with a future date on the check to be cashed by the payday lender in order to cover the cost of the loan. These loans almost always have high interest rates to match their short durations which last an average...


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