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Rebekah Coleman has been a writer for several years. She was the features editor for The Duquesne Duke, a student-written publication for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne University. There she covered topics ranging from political change to weekend entertainment. While writing weekly for the publication, she also received a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduation, she was hired to maintain the marketing department at a custom manufacturing facility.

She now hopes to show that learning about lending can be resourceful and engaging for every age group.

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New mortgage loan rules beginning on Jan. 10, 2014 could limit the current availability and cost of mortgage loans but experts state that the real impact is in the long-term. The new lending rules are an amendment of Regulation Z of the Dodd-Frank Act. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, lenders must confirm that a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio is less than 43 percent. In addition to the DTI ratios, lenders must also request and verify a borrower’s ability-to-repay via...
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Consumers can file a payday loan complaint with a newly-established page on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website. If a borrower has a question or complaint about their loan, they should first contact their lender. If that does not lead to an answer or a solution, borrowers now have a more powerful approach than in the past. Starting last month, the CFPB began accepting payday loan complaints. Payday loan borrowers are able to contact the Bureau for a variety of reasons including...
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A newly proposed bill would stop pre-employment credit checks on non-security related jobs. Last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced The Equal Employment for All Act, which would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act and thereby stop employers from requiring an applicant’s credit history. The proposed bill would also prohibit employers from disqualifying employees based on a poor credit rating or other information dealing with the applicant’s creditworthiness. The only employment...
House on cliff edge
Major interest rate shifts occurred this week for adjustable mortgages while fixed rates barely changed. Reports provided by found that for the week ending Dec. 19, 2013, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage barely changed, only increasing one basis point from 4.33 percent to 4.34 percent. The 15-year FRM meagerly increased from 3.28 percent last week to this week’s average of 3.3 percent. While the fixed interest rates remained extremely calm this week, there was a huge drop in...
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Students from middle-income families face the largest risk of student loan debt, according to a new study. It found that the link between a parent’s income and a student’s college-related debt is nonlinear. The report found that nearly 41 percent of young adults left school with student loan debt. Indebted students from middle-income backgrounds, whose family income ranged between $40,000 and $59,999 annually, left with an average of 60 percent more debt that their lower-income peers with...
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Low credit scores, high levels of debts and a poor financial history can severely limit a consumer’s power in the economy. When negative marks and debts are prevalent, some feel that there is no way out of the mess. But many previous debtors have escaped the financial perils brought on by poor decisions and now have lower debt balances and positive credit scores. Their path to financial freedom is not always the same, but the end-result and the appreciation for a better financial life almost...


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