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Rebekah Coleman has been a writer for several years. She was the features editor for The Duquesne Duke, a student-written publication for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne University. There she covered topics ranging from political change to weekend entertainment. While writing weekly for the publication, she also received a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduation, she was hired to maintain the marketing department at a custom manufacturing facility.

She now hopes to show that learning about lending can be resourceful and engaging for every age group.

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Wedding rings on money
When Johnathan Ness decided to get married a month ago, he avoided the average financial strain most couples experience. Ness and his wife Leah had the wedding and reception at Briarhurst Manor near Colorado Springs. The ceremony and reception only cost the couple $3,100. After all of the expenses were added up, including a cruise, a wedding dress and wedding rings, it only jumped to $5,600 — significantly lower than the national average. According to, the average cost of a wedding...
Alcohol passing hands
After graduation, most students struggle to repay their student loan debts. But a growing number are facing debts that have been exacerbated by drug, alcohol, and even shopping addictions. A recent report by a local NBC affiliate found that some students are taking out federal and private student loans, using the funds to pay for their vices, and never pursing their education.  Students’ addictions are fueling a new sector of loan fraud in the United States. Student loans are big business, and...
Hand touching house in grass
Mortgage loan interest rates changed meagerly this week according to rate reports provided by The individual rates behaved differently by increasing, decreasing and remaining stagnant. Interest rates increased at a rapid rate for the past five weeks, but tapered down for this current sixth week. Despite the constant upwards trend, home loan rates as a whole only made minimal changes for the week ending June 13, 2013. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 3.87 percent, the...
Plastic surgeon marking abdomen
Consumers ready to undergo a cosmetic procedure can finance it with a personal loan. Many life events such as buying a home or acquiring a new car have certain loans devoted to them. But for cosmetic surgery, the financing options are less defined. Fortunately, borrowers have several options to pay for the procedure, including personal loans, medical credit cards, and doctor’s office finance plans. Personal loans are usually small, so the ability to pay for an entire procedure depends on a...
Interest rate chart
Home loan interest rates continued their ascent this week according to rate reports provided by Last week they peaked at the highest level in over a year. This week’s average interest rates continue to grow for the fifth consecutive week. For the week ending June 6, 2013, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 3.87 percent. Last week, the 30-year home loan interest rate averaged 3.79 percent. The 15-year FRM averaged 2.99 percent. This rate made a small jump from last week’s...
Do you ever wonder what your college education is really worth? Study after study proves that college degrees are a valuable investment. Workers with bachelor’s degrees out-earn those with high school degrees by $1 million over the course of a lifetime. But every degree is not made equal. For financially-savvy borrowers, finding out a degree’s potential return on investment (ROI) can help illuminate the actual cost and value of an education. researched to see which career paths give...


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