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Rebekah Coleman has been a writer for several years. She was the features editor for The Duquesne Duke, a student-written publication for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne University. There she covered topics ranging from political change to weekend entertainment. While writing weekly for the publication, she also received a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduation, she was hired to maintain the marketing department at a custom manufacturing facility.

She now hopes to show that learning about lending can be resourceful and engaging for every age group.

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Digital Eyes Watching
Car loans, personal loans, student loans—all loans carry a sense of the unknown for both the lender and the borrower. When loans are left unpaid, they can have serious repercussions not only on the current loan but on any future lending. One area of concern deals with debt collection agencies and their occasional abuse of power. New laws are being implemented to protect the consumer from false and potentially life-altering credit reports. On Oct. 24, 2012, the Consumer Financial Protection...
Unhappy Family in Home
VA loans are given to eligible applicants who are military members. If a divorce occurs, the non-military member loses all VA loan rights. VA loans offer future homeowners options that regular mortgages do not. VA home loans do not have private mortgage insurance requirements and usually come with lower rates than conventional loans. Finally, VA loans offer lower-rate refinance options without having to re-qualify for the loan. Spouses of qualified military personnel are able to reap these...
Apartment for Rent Sign
A new scheme is threatening the already unsteady housing market. Scammers are luring potential renters with foreclosed properties and stealing their money and financial information. For-sale properties are still struggling to compete in the housing market in comparison to rental properties. After years of unpaid home loans, thousands of properties across the country are headed into foreclosure. The homes are usually left vacant during this time, while their owners, flooded with home loan bills...
Complaint Form with Glasses
On Tuesday, Oct. 23, a record-breaking amount of complaints about the sale of payment protection insurance (PPI) was submitted to the financial ombudsman. Over half a million complaints have been made by consumers to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The UK-based ombudsman service resolves disputes between financial institutions and their customers. The FOS said it receives an average of 400 PPI complaints per hour. During the fiscal year, starting in April 2012, the FOS received over...
Hands holding money and tree
Wells Fargo approved a record $1.24 billion in small business loans in the previous fiscal year. The dollar amount of the loans, backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), is larger than any other bank’s originations made throughout the 2012 fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2011-Sept. 30, 2012). The statistics marked the second consecutive year that Wells Fargo exceeded $1 billion in small business loans. “It is very rewarding to know that every SBA loan we extend is helping American small...
Business man holding empty wallet
Short-term loans (or payday loans) do not require a credit check. Short-term loans, by their nature, are unsecured and among the easiest for borrowers to attain. Many lenders will provide money in less than 24 hours. The monetary lending range typically falls between $50 and $1,000. Due to the lack of a credit check, payday loans are one of the few loans that people with poor credit can apply for. All that most lenders require is an adequate proof of income and a checking account. Since...


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