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Rebekah Coleman has been a writer for several years. She was the features editor for The Duquesne Duke, a student-written publication for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne University. There she covered topics ranging from political change to weekend entertainment. While writing weekly for the publication, she also received a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduation, she was hired to maintain the marketing department at a custom manufacturing facility.

She now hopes to show that learning about lending can be resourceful and engaging for every age group.

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College classroom with students
Students can attend college for free through the use of five different methods: scholarships, tuition-free programs, grants, employer-paid programs, and fee waivers. The Higher Education system costs Americans $400 billion each year. A large portion of this money comes from the students themselves via student loans. Despite the astounding amount of student loan debt strapped to this country’s citizens, it is possible to gain a college education for free. Future college students can utilize...
Stock broker sitting on curb
Today marks the tenth day of the government shutdown, and although it has not caused any large changes on reported mortgage interest rates, the actual rates that borrowers are able to access are significantly higher. Political leaders have not agreed on a tangible plan of action for re-opening government programs, so the entire industry remains in limbo about the future of certain economic divisions. The housing industry is no different, according to Jim Angleton, president and CEO of AEGIS...
Person standing ahead american flag
The government shutdown will hurt businesses due to halted government transactions, delayed new campaigns, and limited access to capital. A recent Manta poll shows that owners are worried about how the shutdown and debt ceiling limitations could impact their bottom line. The poll of 1,000 small business owners found that only 40 percent are in favor of the government shutdown. Additionally, 60 percent believe it will have a negative effect on the economy. spoke with business owners...
Doctor examining young patient
Shutdowns. Protests. Confusion. All of these have been created by the Affordable Care Act, but its impact on a highly indebted population could prove to be a burden that few are able to bear. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, aims to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans, but in doing this, it has created loopholes that will charge young citizens more for healthcare than they pay now. Many of these young citizens are college students and post graduates with mounting...
Congress during storm
A widespread government shutdown impacted mortgage loan applications more than interest rates did this week. Rate reports provided by show that mortgage loan interest rates declined minimally for the week ending Oct. 3, 2013. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.08 percent, down from 4.15 percent last week. The 15-year FRM averaged 3.11 percent, another decrease from 3.18 percent reported last week. The final rate, the 5/1 adjustable shifted down only four basis points. The...
Credit card on keyboard
Businesses are offered more options for funding than ever before, but a new loan program from PayPal could impact the business funding economy more than small alternative lenders ever could. The program, called PayPal Working Capital, requires a single fixed loan fee but does not charge interest payments. Furthermore, borrowers repay their business loans only when they have sales. Repayments are based on a percentage share of PayPal sales and occur automatically. Contrary to traditional bank...


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