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Rebekah Coleman has been a writer for several years. She was the features editor for The Duquesne Duke, a student-written publication for Pittsburgh-based Duquesne University. There she covered topics ranging from political change to weekend entertainment. While writing weekly for the publication, she also received a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Public Relations.

After graduation, she was hired to maintain the marketing department at a custom manufacturing facility.

She now hopes to show that learning about lending can be resourceful and engaging for every age group.

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Definition of law
As months and years pass, the payday loan industry becomes more regulated and divided. Most states have at least one pending law that could limit or eradicate payday lending. Some laws pass, others fail, but what happens to the state itself? spoke with financial writers, attorneys and consumer advocates who frequently cover the payday loan industry to see what impact the many forms of legislation have on the country’s lending economy. The Outcome of Legislation In 2011, several...
title insurance
Title insurance provides added security on a property that a consumer believes they own. It is a form of indemnity coverage which protects an owner against a potential loss on a real estate property. Title insurance is for the land and property, not the home itself. It is not to be confused with homeowners insurance which protects the home in instances of fires, floods and similar situations. Unlike other forms of insurance, title insurance provides backwards protection. It protects buyers and...
real estate agent home
Mortgage loan interest rates remain high this week according to Sept. 5, 2013 rate reports provided by Despite recent increases, real estate agents urge consumers to take advantage of the rates now before they grow further. This week the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.51 percent, an increase from 4.39 percent reported last week. Over the past three months, the 30-year fixed rate has risen from the high 3’s to the mid-4 percent ranks. Sam DeBord, managing broker of...
Car crash
If a driver crashes their car, their auto loan will be covered, but only if they have GAP insurance. Basic car insurance protects the owner’s investment in the car, but it does not extend to the cost of the auto loan. GAP insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, covers the monetary difference between the car’s actual cash value (ACV) and the amount owed on the auto loan or lease. If a driver’s car is stolen or wrecked, regular insurance will only cover the cost to fix or replace the vehicle...
Stocks interest rates
Home loan interest rates reduced across the board due to continued economic conflict and uncertainty in the housing market. According to reports provided by, all three interest rates decreased at least 10 basis points for the week ending Aug. 29, 2013. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.39 percent. The rate decreased from last week’s average of 4.51 percent and was the largest change seen this week. The 15-year FRM averaged 3.37 percent, down from 3.47 percent set last week...
Hand in clouds home car
Fixed rates grew significantly this week while adjustable rates remained calmed, according to rate reports provided by For the week ending on Aug. 22, 2013, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.55 percent, a 21 basis point increase from last week’s rate of 4.34 percent. The 15-year FRM averaged 3.51 percent, another significant increase from 3.33 percent set last week. Although large basis point increases were seen in the fixed spectrum, smaller changes occurred for the...


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