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masters degree student graduating
Oct, 30, 2013
It is possible to get student loans for graduate studies and Master’s degrees. In fact, students have an option from several different types of financing. Joseph Rojek, the Director of Admissions and Financial Solutions at Olivet Nazarene University, said that when it comes to Master’s degrees, students have three options for borrowing student loans:
small business loan application
Oct, 29, 2013
It is possible for struggling businesses to get business loans and there are a number of ways to do so. However, it is important to qualify for financing first and foremost since that is the only way in which lenders will actually end up giving a business loan to a struggling business. Qualifying for Business Financing Scott Griest, Founder and CEO of American Finance Solutions, said that when underwriting businesses he focuses on the health of the business itself. By focusing on a business’ operations, American Finance Solutions is able to fund businesses that banks reject. This includes businesses who are less than a year old, which means they are often struggling to generate cash flow.
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Oct, 22, 2013
Borrowers can apply for a refinance with their current student loan lender or with a new lender who offers refinancing services. There are a number of places that a college loan borrower can go to get their debt refinanced. Before examining those though, it is necessary to understand what student loan refinancing is. Similar to other types of refinancing, when a borrower refinances their college loan debt, they’re taking out a new loan with more favorable traits and paying off an existing loan with those new funds.
Businessman in suit open wallet
Oct, 18, 2013
Business owners can get approved for a business loan after bankruptcy but it depends heavily on several factors such as the level of risk, the type of business and the current lending conditions. A personal bankruptcy filing will remain on a consumer’s credit report for seven years. This mark will create more tension for future borrowing opportunities, but it does not prevent a consumer from participating in the financing world.
College classroom with students
Oct, 14, 2013
Students can attend college for free through the use of five different methods: scholarships, tuition-free programs, grants, employer-paid programs, and fee waivers. The Higher Education system costs Americans $400 billion each year. A large portion of this money comes from the students themselves via student loans.
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Oct, 8, 2013
The government shutdown will hurt businesses due to halted government transactions, delayed new campaigns, and limited access to capital. A recent Manta poll shows that owners are worried about how the shutdown and debt ceiling limitations could impact their bottom line. The poll of 1,000 small business owners found that only 40 percent are in favor of the government shutdown. Additionally, 60 percent believe it will have a negative effect on the economy. spoke with business owners across the country about how the shutdown can and will impact their business. Halted Government Business
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Sep, 20, 2013
A mortgage loan origination fee refers to the charges for the paperwork and labor gone into deciding whether to grant a borrower financing. Origination fees are determined by calculating together the effort it took to evaluate a borrower’s income, debt, employment record, and other personal financial information. An origination fee can sometimes total to a full 1 percent of the mortgage loan in question.
title insurance
Sep, 10, 2013
Title insurance provides added security on a property that a consumer believes they own. It is a form of indemnity coverage which protects an owner against a potential loss on a real estate property. Title insurance is for the land and property, not the home itself. It is not to be confused with homeowners insurance which protects the home in instances of fires, floods and similar situations.
Car crash
Sep, 4, 2013
If a driver crashes their car, their auto loan will be covered, but only if they have GAP insurance. Basic car insurance protects the owner’s investment in the car, but it does not extend to the cost of the auto loan. GAP insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, covers the monetary difference between the car’s actual cash value (ACV) and the amount owed on the auto loan or lease.
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Aug, 14, 2013
Due to convenience, ease, risk, and accessibility, prospective borrowers may find it more convenient to get a payday loan online rather than through a store. While most every city has a payday loan store (where they’re legal), that does not mean that they are the best option for prospective borrowers who are in need of quick short-term loans. Think of it this way: Just because a gas station is nearby, that doesn’t mean that that particular location is the right choice to buy gas from. This is especially true if there is a gas station a bit further away that offers a cheaper product. Discerning between where to spend money can actually end up saving money.