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Aug, 13, 2013
Carryback financing occurs when a real estate seller provides financing for the property buyer. Put simply, a seller agrees to carryback a note and deed of trust, usually in the form of a second mortgage. Instead of using financing from a traditional bank lender, the buyer uses financing from the seller.
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Aug, 5, 2013
A rent-to-own home (also called a lease-to-own home) is a home that, after renters pay a certain amount each month to live in the house, presents the renters with the option to purchase the home. Aside from the option to buy, a portion of each month’s rent payment is put towards a down payment upon the home as well. For some sellers and buyers, rent-to-own homes might not always be the right decision, but that can be determined by examining how rent-to-own home purchases work and how they differ from borrowing a traditional home loan. How Rent-to-Own Works Rent-to-own home purchases work very similarly to car leases.
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Jul, 24, 2013
Yes, consumers can borrow a personal loan and invest the money. However, borrowing a personal loan to use for investment doesn’t always lead to a happy ending, let alone a profitable outcome. Since not everyone has the money needed to contribute to worthwhile investments, such as stocks, it seems reasonable that some prospective investors would turn to borrowing money to fund their investing plans. But borrowing money to potentially make money is not always a wise decision, especially for the average or novice investor.
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Jul, 11, 2013
Yes, you can use a credit card to repay an outstanding credit card. There are actually a few benefits to doing this, at least if done right. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. To a degree, using one credit card to pay off an older one can even be considered analogous to burning down your house to try and keep warm. While it will handle one problem, it merely trades it for another. Credit cards are little more than personal loans. When consumers borrow money for personal needs, they get into debt for every dollar they spend. Interest is applied to how much money they have borrowed and spent beyond the course of one month.
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Jul, 10, 2013
Yes, borrowers can pay off their car loans early, but it might hurt them. While paying off a car loan gets borrowers out of debt, it can damage their credit score making it more difficult to get another type of loan, such as a mortgage. It’s quite ironic considering that most financial advice says to pay off your debt as fast as possible, but haste can make waste as far as credit scores are concerned. Self-Injured By Early Payment
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Jun, 28, 2013
Yes, you can pay your child’s student loans. However, a more important question may be whether you should be paying them to begin with. On top of that, there can be tax implications for making payments in someone else’s stead. Robert Farrington, editor-in-chief of The College Investor, told that even though parents can pay their child’s student loans it is considered a taxable gift. 
last will and testament
Jun, 27, 2013
Yes, you have to pay the mortgage loan payments on a house that you inherited if it has an outstanding home loan — provided you want to keep it. However, in some circumstances, beneficiaries do not wish to keep their newly inherited homes, in which case it is perfectly legal to not make payments. To clarify these situations, spoke with several experts in the home loan industry. Ryan Glover, Chief Investment Officer for Tarheel Advisors, told that when money is loaned against property such as a house, there is a lien placed against the property.
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Jun, 25, 2013
Consumers should not be afraid of marrying someone with large student loan debts as long as the indebted partner is open about their financial past and to future repayment plans. Money is one of the largest causes of relationship problems, but with the proper communication, financial problems can be resolved. If a couple discusses their debts, concerns, and future plans, large student debts should not keep a couple away from marriage. According to a June study by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), two-thirds of engaged couples have negative attitudes about discussing financial concerns.
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Jun, 19, 2013
National Homeownership Month is a special annual event jointly celebrated by mortgage loan lenders and the federal government to promote the key part of the American Dream: owning a home. It is an ideal time to take advantage of lender eagerness and apply for a mortgage loan to buy a home. National Homeownership Month is always held in the month of June and began as a Presidential initiative to support and expand homeownership opportunities for Americans. Weldon Freeman, Public Affairs Specialist of Legislative and Public Affairs for the USDA, told that the USDA has been participating in National Homeownership month for 17 years.
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Jun, 17, 2013
A loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is a lending risk assessment used by mortgage loan lenders in order to calculate their exposure to a chance of default. Generally, the higher an applicant’s loan-to-value ratio, the riskier it is for a mortgage loan lender to offer financing to the borrower in question. As far as anyone interested in borrowing a mortgage loan should be concerned, lower loan-to-value ratios make for easier monthly payments.