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Mar, 18, 2013
The number of Americans under the age of 25 with at least a bachelor’s degree has increased 38 percent since 2000, according to Census results. But with an unemployment rating at 7.7 percent, the notion that a bachelor’s degree guarantees a stable job is no longer believable. Bill Baker, President of Dallas-based recruiting firm Schul Baker Partners, said master’s degrees are what bachelor’s degrees used to be. But even though their value might have changed, an undergraduate degree is still a necessity in today’s work economy.
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Mar, 8, 2013
There are millions of people in America with student loan debt. While you can’t turn on the TV, go to a news website, or read a newspaper without hearing about the Student Debt Crisis or the Student Loan Bubble, chances are you haven’t heard about a new breed of startups built to tackle this swelling problem.
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Feb, 27, 2013
Student loans are big business — just ask the government. According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) figures, the government will make $106 billion in federal student loans to college students for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. In this fiscal time period, the government will make an estimated $39 billion in interest off of federal student loans.
Yale University
Feb, 8, 2013
Student loan borrowers are used to creditor calls, but what happens with the university itself comes after you? George Washington University (GWU), Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) have all filed recent lawsuits against former students who defaulted on their Perkins loan payments. One student is Kyle Lopinto who owes the University of Pennsylvania $7,000 in Perkins loans and $15,607 in unpaid tuition and legal fees. The case, University of Pennsylvania v. Lopinto, was filed in November 2012. According to court records, UPenn filed over a dozen Perkins student loan lawsuits last year.
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Feb, 1, 2013
Any parent with a college-aged student knows that the rising cost of tuition isn’t slowing down. Fortunately, not all majors are as expensive as others. Since the cost of declaring for a major and taking the required classes can vary from affordable to expensive, it is important to review and discuss different majors before declaring for one. Expensive college majors require more money, which usually necessitates borrowing more college loans as far as cash-strapped parents and students are concerned.
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Jan, 31, 2013
As our economy slowly improves and we find ourselves brushing the remaining weight of the Great Recession off our shoulders, analysts are looking at the nation’s outstanding student loan debt with worry. That feeling of unease comes from the prediction that student loans may be the next economic bubble—one that’s growing ever larger, with thinning walls and too much internal pressure. They’re scared that, should this bubble pop, we might not be able to handle the fallout given our economy’s current fragile state.
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Jan, 30, 2013
Contain your excitement; tax season is upon us. For many college students and recent graduates, this is an opportune time to use the tax advantages that come with carrying college debt or having attended college. Unfortunately, most students don’t know that they are eligible for a large number of tax benefits. Here’s a list of the five major tax breaks that college students and college loan borrowers can take advantage of in the coming weeks leading up to April 15. 1. The Tuition and Fees Deduction
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Jan, 18, 2013
There is a societal idea that the more money parents give to their children for their education, the better they will do. But a new report by Laura T. Hamilton, an assistant professor in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at the University of California at Merced, says otherwise.
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Jan, 11, 2013
Student loans are the one form of debt that is near impossible to absolve, or so it seems. But what if reality is more hopeful? In Jason Iuliano’s study, “An Empirical Assessment of Student Loan Discharges and the Undue Hardship Standard,” he finds that almost all student loan debtors who file for bankruptcy do not attempt to discharge their student loans. Iuliano, a Harvard Law School graduate and a current Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University, illuminates another side of the highly covered student loan debate.
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Dec, 27, 2012
Across the country, college textbooks are the bane of cash-strapped students who are already dealing with student loans. These books can cost hundreds of dollars, forcing students to spend a thousand dollars or more each semester on books alone. This can cause students to devote a large amount of their student loans to just books. Some students may borrow more student loans simply to cover the costs of books.