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Here's our logo, style, and company breakdown’s Position is a place of free, reliable, and useful information that every potential borrower should visit prior to signing a lender’s contract. Learn and apply, both in one place.’s Logo

Proper Usage:

  1. Only use the logo when using a product or when giving attribution to
  2. It is preferred that you use the logo in its entirety (which includes the dollar bills and the text “”). If you must only use the dollar bills, then we ask that you make it very clear that the dollar bills are associated with and a part of our logo.

Style Guide:

  1. The font for “loans” is Arial
  2. The font for “.org” is Arial Rounded MT Bold.
  3. The word “loans” is always lower-case
  4. “.org” is always italicized.
  5. Text is #000000
  6. Dark green is #748414
  7. Light green is #c5df2d


Company Synopsis

Loans Org, LLC is the parent company of, a leading lending authority website that covers financial news, produces informative articles, and answers frequently asked questions. In addition to providing lending-related information, also hosts a variety of free online application forms for prospective borrowers to use when applying for loans.


Press Releases:

For an up-to-date index of all of our press releases, please visit our In the Press page.