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Isaac Juarez is an experienced writer with degrees in both Political Science and European History from the University of California in Riverside.

As a student, Isaac wrote for the Highlander Newspaper, covering local news stories ranging from basic campus happenings to the men’s basketball team’s budget abuse scandal.

He also had the opportunity to study Medieval Warfare in Scotland for one summer where he visited castles, saw battle grounds, wore armor and enjoyed sampling the finest beer Scotland has to offer.

Coupling his unique experiences as a student with his time as both a congressional campaign intern and an Eagle Scout, Isaac hopes to write articles that will turn the often mundane subject of lending into something very engaging for readers.
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toy car on hundred dollar bills
According to a TransUnion report, 2014 will be a year of increases in both auto loan lending and payment delinquencies. The average automotive debt per borrower is expected to increase from a 2013 figure of $16,942 to a 2014 figure of $17,966. Auto loans that are 60 days or more past due are expected to increase from 1.1 to 1.19 percent. However, this is still below the delinquency peak of 1.59 percent in Q4 2008. The report also highlighted how auto loan lending has been on a positive trend...
car dealership lot
The CFPB is gearing up to change lending rules for auto loan lenders in 2014. The Bureau alleges that dealer reserve, which is a kickback dealerships receive for charging consumer’s higher interest rates on auto loans, is little more than a ripoff to consumers. In place of this, the CFPB wants to create a flat fee policy that would replace dealer reserve and also prevent lending discrimination. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is one of the strongest voices calling for auto loan rule changes,...
green army men
As much as money can talk nowadays, politicians are ultimately the ones with the power to implement and change policy, and incentivising their decision-making with money is an integral part of America’s current political system. This practice of donating money to our elected representatives is known as “lobbying.” One of the industries that is both a donor of campaign funds and majorly impacted by policy change is the payday loan industry. Just as other industries have found or lobbied many...
hundred dollar bill and columns
Freedom Financial Network (FNN), a debt consolidation company, received a massive $125 million investment from Venture Capital, a firm co-founded by Microsoft magnate Paul Allen. The goal of the investment is to create FreedomPlus, a new direct lending platform that will lend personal loans to struggling consumers in need of financing. FNN touts that FreedomPlus will be able to overcome the challenges and benefits of peer-to-peer lending found in rival platforms by offering direct lending to “...
fifty dollar roll
A lawsuit loan is a personal loan that can help a borrower fund his or her legal case or help him or her pay for living expenses as their lawsuit settles. Lawsuit loans are generally for victims of a workplace injury or some related grievance where they need to borrow money as they await receiving settlement money. Unlike most types of personal loans, a lawsuit loan’s repayment depends on whether a borrower wins or loses their lawsuit. If a borrower wins their lawsuit, then they repay the...
The Rising Cost of Christmas Infographic
Christmas is only days away. Even though Christmas is always an expensive time of the year, a new infographic displays that the cost of Christmas has actually increased over the years. Whether it is Christmas cards, trees, or online shopping, people are generally spending more money than they were in the past (and some are probably wishing they could borrow some money to make up the difference).  Here are some of the facts found on the infographic: In 2004, 58 percent of Americans...