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Isaac Juarez is an experienced writer with degrees in both Political Science and European History from the University of California in Riverside.

As a student, Isaac wrote for the Highlander Newspaper, covering local news stories ranging from basic campus happenings to the men’s basketball team’s budget abuse scandal.

He also had the opportunity to study Medieval Warfare in Scotland for one summer where he visited castles, saw battle grounds, wore armor and enjoyed sampling the finest beer Scotland has to offer.

Coupling his unique experiences as a student with his time as both a congressional campaign intern and an Eagle Scout, Isaac hopes to write articles that will turn the often mundane subject of lending into something very engaging for readers.
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credit report
Credit scores are sort of like souls. After too many mistakes, a person with a bad credit score finds themselves damned to a financial inferno where they can’t qualify for loans. Making the right decisions and repaying lenders means a person gets a glowing credit score and easy access to financing heaven. Well it turns out there’s actually more than one soul, so to speak, or more accurately, more than one type of credit score. While this is news to many people, whole bureaus and financial...
rolls of dollar bills
The payday loan industry is growing. In fact, it is growing so much that even banks and credit unions are getting in on the action by offering payday loan alternatives. While these newer financing products go by various different names, they are all trying to replace the same convenience and features of the traditional payday loan, chief among which is offering short-term financing to people who do not have good credit. Perhaps most surprising in this development is the involvement of credit...
large explosion
According to a recent Experian report, the nation’s auto loan balance has reached a new peak of $782.9 billion. This is an increase of $103 billion from 2012. This increase is music to lenders’ ears, but it also shows that dealers have reached new record sales. With consumers once again eager to purchase vehicles, even if they have to borrow car loans to do so, America just may be finally out of the slow recovery that has been burdening the economy since the recession. Gary Miller, Business...
businessmen exchanging dollars
It is often easy to forget that entrepreneurs are just normal people. They have the same problems and insecurities as other people. After all they are only human. Like non-entrepreneurs, they grapple with raising families, dating, weight loss, life goals, and, of course, debt. Entrepreneurs have to repay their debts just like everyone else. Be it auto loan debt, student loan debt, personal loan debt, or business loan debt, entrepreneurs must divert some of their income to debt repayment lest...
education dollars
There are several important differences between federal student loans and private student loans. Namely, the important differences deal with cost, repayment, accessibility, and permitted uses of funds. Cost is usually most important to the majority of borrowers and is an excellent starting point to showcase the differences between federal and private student loans. The Cost of Federal and Private Student Loans The cost of private student loans is really dependent on credit requirements. Since...
a tank
The war between the payday loan industry and anti-payday loan activists raged across America in 2013. This was not a war of bullets, missiles, and drones, but instead a war of legislation, political pressure, and lobbying. Like many long-lasting wars across the ages, the Payday Loan War experienced some interesting developments over the last year. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), stretching its legs as a young government organization, let it be known that it would give proper...