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Isaac Juarez is an experienced writer with degrees in both Political Science and European History from the University of California in Riverside.

As a student, Isaac wrote for the Highlander Newspaper, covering local news stories ranging from basic campus happenings to the men’s basketball team’s budget abuse scandal.

He also had the opportunity to study Medieval Warfare in Scotland for one summer where he visited castles, saw battle grounds, wore armor and enjoyed sampling the finest beer Scotland has to offer.

Coupling his unique experiences as a student with his time as both a congressional campaign intern and an Eagle Scout, Isaac hopes to write articles that will turn the often mundane subject of lending into something very engaging for readers.
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home made out of a dollar bill
A liar loan is a type of mortgage loan where a lender does not verify an applicant’s income. These types of mortgage loans are sometimes called stated-income loans or no-documentation (no-doc) loans. Lenders willingly give an applicant a mortgage loan without verifying their pay stubs, proof of employment, or assets. In contrast to this, a conventional mortgage loan requires these types of documents before an applicant will be considered for financing. Liar loan applicants need only state...
stock market chart
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed regulation that would allow for investors to buy stock in companies over the internet using crowdfunding exchanges. If the SEC’s rules are implemented, this would allow for investors to buy stock in firms that are not large enough for initial public offerings, thus allowing people to get in on “the ground floor” of a budding startup. This proposal from the SEC comes in the wake of the JOBS Act, which was passed last year. “The JOBS Act...
masters degree student graduating
It is possible to get student loans for graduate studies and Master’s degrees. In fact, students have an option from several different types of financing. Joseph Rojek, the Director of Admissions and Financial Solutions at Olivet Nazarene University, said that when it comes to Master’s degrees, students have three options for borrowing student loans: 1. Financial Aid: Financial Aid is available for Master’s degree students in the form of Unsubsidized Stafford loans, which do not go into...
small business loan application
It is possible for struggling businesses to get business loans and there are a number of ways to do so. However, it is important to qualify for financing first and foremost since that is the only way in which lenders will actually end up giving a business loan to a struggling business. Qualifying for Business Financing Scott Griest, Founder and CEO of American Finance Solutions, said that when underwriting businesses he focuses on the health of the business itself. By focusing on a business’...
shoveling out of hole
Being able to refinance student loans can be a godsend. After all, student loans are the only type of debt that is impossible to get rid of. Even though mortgage loan debts are almost always more than student loans, a homeowner can legally declare bankruptcy and have their mortgage loan debt discharged. The same applies to car loan debt, credit card debt, personal loan debt, and even payday loan debt. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply to student loan debt. Fortunately, borrowers can save...
business loan horror stories infographic
Companies often borrow business loans when they are struggling or need to expand. Unfortunately, some companies end up going out of business because they borrowed too much or had terrible management. In light of Halloween,’s latest infographic compares tragic corporate failures with equally terrifying horror movie franchises. But while the former — which were supposed to be profitable and happy enterprises — resulted in horrifying failure, the latter — which were supposed to...