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Isaac Juarez is an experienced writer with degrees in both Political Science and European History from the University of California in Riverside.

As a student, Isaac wrote for the Highlander Newspaper, covering local news stories ranging from basic campus happenings to the men’s basketball team’s budget abuse scandal.

He also had the opportunity to study Medieval Warfare in Scotland for one summer where he visited castles, saw battle grounds, wore armor and enjoyed sampling the finest beer Scotland has to offer.

Coupling his unique experiences as a student with his time as both a congressional campaign intern and an Eagle Scout, Isaac hopes to write articles that will turn the often mundane subject of lending into something very engaging for readers.
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The central feature of all business is competition for profit. Aside from industries where there are monopolies or oligopolies, every industry is defined by various competing companies and corporations trying to make money. In a similar point of view, nations also compete with one another and at times they engage in the most destructive of competitions: warfare. Even though it is very debatable how similar or dissimilar warfare and capitalist business are, for one group of entrepreneurs, it is...
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Car title loan laws can change quickly. Even more confusing is that counties, cities, and towns can develop their own ways of regulating car title loan lending within their jurisdictions. In order to look at how differently each state regulates car title loans, we compiled links to each state’s laws concerning auto title financing and briefly summarized some of the key points that consumers should be aware of. Some state laws feature loopholes that allow for car title loan lending to thrive....
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The CFPB’s new mortgage rules are schedule to go into effect beginning at the end of 2013 and through into 2014. These rules will affect home loan lenders, borrowers, and the housing market as a whole. The rules can be summarised as follows but additional information can be found on the CFPB’s rule guide.   Creditors will be required to make a reasonable, good faith determination of a consumer’s ability to repay home loans. More types of home loans will be protected by the Home Ownership and...
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Another battle in the Payday Loan War is unfolding as Regions Bank faces off against a coalition of anti-payday loan activists in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. Regions Bank’s Ready Advance loans are the center of this dispute. These loans are alleged to be akin to payday loans, and have earned the ire of various consumer advocacy groups. These groups banded together and submitted a letter to Regions Bank’s Grayson Hall, who is the bank’s chairman, president, and CEO, calling for an end to...
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Western Sky, a tribal owned payday loan company, has announced it will be ceasing operations. The company rose to prominence as being one of the few overtly advertised payday loan lenders featuring a Native American spokesman in commercials and a logo with three tipis. According to the company’s website, operations ceased on September 3, 2013. Subsequently, 94 members of the Eagle Butte community, where the company is based, are reported to have lost their jobs. The company alleges that...
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A mortgage loan origination fee refers to the charges for the paperwork and labor gone into deciding whether to grant a borrower financing. Origination fees are determined by calculating together the effort it took to evaluate a borrower’s income, debt, employment record, and other personal financial information. An origination fee can sometimes total to a full 1 percent of the mortgage loan in question. Borrowers pay loan origination fees to the loan officer or broker that facilitated the...