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Speedometer and years
Sep, 27, 2013
Car payments are a requirement for the vast majority of drivers, but the way borrowers repay their loans has evolved from a relatively short duration to a lengthy repayment period. Earlier this year Experian Automotive found that the average auto loan term for a new vehicle reached a high of 65 months, or 5.5 years. This number has steadily increased from one financial quarter to the next, but showing how much progress has occurred in a decade illuminates a strengthening consumer trend.
shiny red car
Aug, 28, 2013
Car loan borrowers and car shoppers often think the best time to buy a new car is when they need one. They can even be forgiven for thinking that the best time to get a new car is when they see a model that catches their eyes. Experts explained to that there are actually times of the year in which getting a car can save car shoppers a great deal of money. Timing is Everything
keys and a pen on forms
Aug, 26, 2013
Not everyone can get approved for a car loan. Oftentimes, they have to either wait and build up their credit or find a co-signer. For many young adults and teenagers, they may find eager parents who are more than willing to be their co-signers on a car loan. However, just like people should look before they leap, parents and others who are willing to help should be aware of potential consequences before they co-sign a car loan. The Co-signing Demographic
car and a house
Aug, 23, 2013
The Millennials are burdened by record-high student loan debt, a dismal job market, and endless criticism from previous generations, not to mention inflation. Older Americans tend to think that Generation Y is lazy and only concerned with the minute-to-minute changes found on Instagram or Vine. After all, this is the “Lazy Generation” that grew up on mandatory prize ribbons for all race contestants and education based on everyone being special.
Fast food fries happy sad
Jul, 26, 2013
Paying his bills on time and staying on a budget was always difficult for Terrance Collins, but now it is practically impossible. Working for minimum wage is not enough to provide for the 27-year-old or his two kids. He knows this, yet a recent budgetary plan by his employer only helped to worsen his outlook even further.
car and keys on top of money
Jul, 8, 2013
No one wants to have car loan debt. Cars lose value the moment you drive them off the dealer’s lot, causing some people to eventually owe more than what their cars are worth. Whether people want to or not, they have to repay the auto loans they borrowed. However, paying off your car loan sooner rather than later might be unwise.
Google driverless car
Mar, 26, 2013
Audi has an outfitted A7. Toyota has an outfitted Lexus LS 600h. And Google has a small fleet of self-manufactured vehicles, all fully functional without a driver. Driverless, or autonomous cars, are vehicles that are capable of navigating and driving without any direct human input. The vehicles use radar, GPS, and other computer technologies to asses road conditions, directions, other drivers, and anything else that a driver must handle when driving a car.
luxury sports car
Feb, 7, 2013
Celebrities. They have fame. They have power. They have cash coming out of their ears. In fact, they usually have more cash than common sense. When they aren’t blowing their millions on mega-parties, “bling,” or new palaces to live in, they often buy supercars that cost more than an average home… or two. Here’s a list of the celebrities with the most expensive rides. You’ll probably need to get one heck of a car loan to buy any of these cars; so try not to turn green with envy!
Strong steel chains
Feb, 1, 2013
Brand loyalty is everywhere, from cell phones and TVs to clothing and car companies. In a world of increased competition, there is a reassurance among auto manufacturers that part of their buyers will make a repeat purchase the next time around.
Top 10 award
Jan, 16, 2013
In lieu of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), compiled a list of our favorite cars for the current 2013 year. Each one makes a new auto loan even more tempting for consumers. Some are fast. Others are economic. But all are sure to be favorites in 2013.