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Dec, 7, 2012
Are you ready to become rich? I know I am. Are you prepared to give people auto loans and then charge them for interest that never existed? I’m not, and hopefully you aren’t either. There are some lenders out there who give people financing using an interest-calculating system called the rule of 78s to charge them for future interest.
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Nov, 19, 2012
No one wants to be in debt, especially in the form of car loans. This type of debt is widely viewed as a form of “bad debt” for a number of reasons. Compared to say student loans—which gives you an education—or a mortgage—which gives you a home—a car loan simply gives you a vehicle that is losing value month-by-month, year-by-year. Unfortunately for many borrowers, vehicles are unlikely to rise in value as the years go on due to the wear and tear of driving, maintenance costs, and the inevitable passing of style.
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Nov, 7, 2012
Motorcyclists are a tough breed of people—they dodge between traffic, ride at unfathomably fast speeds, and they face hardships in options and funding. Across the country and world, there are motorcycle groups who respect the art and their ride, but the barriers for their passion are large. Higher Cost                                            
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Nov, 5, 2012
Across the country payday loans have been demonized into some kind of ball and chain that sucks money from borrowers like a vacuum on steroids. Sure, some borrowers do have trouble paying back payday loans and end up in the news recounting their cautionary tale, but at the end of the day these types of loans aren’t a criminal operation. Americans still manage to borrow and repay payday loans, and the industry continues to grow due to the colossal demand for these products.
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Nov, 1, 2012
Auto sales are on the rise. In September of 2012, annual auto sales surpassed a Morgan Stanley estimate and reached 14.8 million vehicles. This is the industry’s highest level since March of 2008, one of the first months into the Great Recession. According to an Equifax report, the total value of auto lending rose by nearly 14 percent since 2011.
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Oct, 25, 2012
Car loans, personal loans, student loans—all loans carry a sense of the unknown for both the lender and the borrower. When loans are left unpaid, they can have serious repercussions not only on the current loan but on any future lending. One area of concern deals with debt collection agencies and their occasional abuse of power. New laws are being implemented to protect the consumer from false and potentially life-altering credit reports.
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Oct, 18, 2012
Banks are giving auto loans at the lowest interest rates in history since the Federal Reserve began monitoring them in 1971. In fact, rates have proven so attractive to prospective borrowers—even in a weak economy—that there was a 9.5 percent jump in car sales in September. “There’s no question that the quantitative easing and the pressure on interest rates has helped the industry. It’s absolutely breathtaking to think about not just zero-for-60 programs, but just base interest rates. It’s insane,” said Paul Ballew, chief economist at Dun & Bradstreet, in an interview with Businessweek.
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Oct, 8, 2012
A powerful piece of legislation is pending before a House subcommittee. If passed, it would affect every state and every prospective short-term borrower in the Country. Perhaps more specifically, it would affect the ongoing battles that are raging in cities, counties, and states between the pro-regulators on one side and short-term lenders on the other.
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Oct, 3, 2012
Car loans are useful for borrowers looking to obtain vehicles. However, like many forms of debt they can be considered “bad” debt or debt that is simply more harmful than helpful. Borrowers will be in a more informed position to manage their debt if they educate themselves by reading car loan articles. Doing so prior to applying can help borrowers better understand how car loans can be a hindrance. Even though they are a modern necessity, car loans can often be bad debt for a number of reasons.
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Sep, 27, 2012
Borrowers may wish to refinance their auto loans if they feel they got a sour deal when they first purchased a vehicle. Refinancing is actually an excellent way to lower interest rates and monthly payments. Refinancing refers to the acquisition and use of a new auto loan to pay off an existing auto loan. The new car loan usually carries a lower interest rate which results in lower monthly payments. In this manner, auto refinance loans can help replace a bad car loan with a better one.