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Sep, 6, 2012
Since the recession began most people have experienced a drastic tightening of belts. For many, life still moves on and the necessary expenses and purchases in life must still be made—even if they must be made more frugally. With a frugal attitude in mind, many consumers have opted to purchase used vehicles instead of new vehicles. Thanks to the internet, prudent borrowers can now perform due diligence and research on auto loans needed to make vehicle purchases. This common sense and practical attitude has led to a striking trend involving auto loan lenders.
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Aug, 29, 2012
Cars are one of the most important purchases that American consumers can make. With a vehicle, a borrower has the power to commute to college, enabling them to gain an education that is necessary to compete in the current competitive job market. A vehicle allows a job seeker to attend interviews and it allows the already employed to commute to work. While there may be high demand for vehicles, not all consumers can afford to pay in cash for new or used cars. Auto loans allow borrowers to purchase and use a car before they have the physical cash on hand to buy one themselves.
The Difference between Car and Motorcycle Loans
Aug, 17, 2012
Motorcycle loans are different from car loans due to how lenders view them as an investment. Risk plays a huge role in this difference, as lenders are more cautious when meddling with risky investments. The Risk Factors
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Aug, 9, 2012
Auto title loans are very common these days as a result of economic pressure brought about by the recession. Since the recession began, job loss, foreclosures and tighter budgeting have become all too common. People, from the desperate to the financially uncomfortable, have been forced to seek new sources of emergency cash. In conjunction with payday loans and credit card use, auto title loans have been a helpful form of financing for borrowers.
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Jul, 25, 2012
Car ownership has long been an integral part to life in America. Obtaining a vehicle in our young adult lives is often seen as a rite of passage. Additionally, purchasing or financing a vehicle is one of our first and largest signs of independence. Car manufacturers enjoy this element of American culture since they profit from a continued car-enthusiasm that is ingrained in our society. This ingrained car culture is as much a part of America as apple pie, baseball, and freedom of speech.
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Jul, 24, 2012
For most Americans, the last few years have been anything but easy. The Great Recession, as many call it, has caused countless Americans to become unemployed or underemployed. Millions of Americans have had their homes foreclosed, lost the opportunity to pursue an education, and even faced hunger. In these desperate times, a growing number of Americans need to borrow money.
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Jun, 28, 2012
Everybody knows that as soon as a buyer drives a new vehicle off a lot, that vehicle loses a substantial amount of value—all because that automobile is now “used.” It’s largely due to that reason that financial experts often say vehicles are one of the worse investments we can make. But for those seeking a used car loan, the rapid depreciation that vehicles undergo in their first few years of existence is more than welcome. In fact, many used car buyers rely on that price drop.
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Jun, 18, 2012
Racism has long been a problem in America since well before the nation’s independence. Just as racism once held sway over both the political and social realms, we’re now seeing that it continues to plague the free market and economy as well.
Subprime Car Rising Price
May, 31, 2012
Reports have shown that the auto financing industry has been actively participating in a practice that most other lenders would never consider in this economic climate: issuing money to subprime borrowers. This practice of approving car loans to bad credit borrowers has been, according to some experts and reports, a contributing factor to the auto lending industry’s post-recession success.
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Apr, 25, 2012
While gender gaps are continuously closing, there are still some areas where males and females simply refuse to come together. In this case, it’s their preference on car models and manufacturers.