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Car dealer sexism
Apr, 18, 2012
Women have been fighting for equal rights since mankind’s earliest years. The civil rights movement played a huge part in empowering women, and propelling them onto a relatively equal playing field, but there are still some areas in our culture that are noticeably lacking. Income is one of the most obvious, as women are reported to earn 77 cents to the dollar compared to their male counterparts. But there’s another, less apparent sector of society that some claim are oppressing females: the auto industry.
Giving a helping hand
Apr, 10, 2012
A common complaint from low-income families and consumer advocates standing up for them is the lack of available financing options. Everybody needs to borrow money at some point or another, but the lending world leans heavily in favor of those with money and good credit. After all, lenders operate businesses, and credible borrowers tend to repay their financing more often, hence their good credit scores.
Worried woman in car
Mar, 28, 2012
The recent success of the auto loan industry has given hope to a nation growing tired of economic woes. When the mortgage and student financing industries place a heavy burden on every tax payer in the country, hearing about the success of those originating auto loans is something similar to a sigh of relief. But some of the items contributing to auto lenders success may begin to come under fire, as observed by an article.
Starting line
Mar, 20, 2012
The news and other media sources have been heralding the auto loan industry as the current leader in the financing world. Reports of dropping interest rates, growing car loan originations, and fewer defaults have been causing the other financing sectors to look upon their vehicle-focused brother with sharp stares of envy. But what has caused the auto financing industry to take the lead in this race to success?
Top ten vehicles for auto loans
Mar, 7, 2012
As 2012 kicks off with new predictions of quicker economic recovery, and as the auto loan industry leading the way, consumers may be interested to see what sort of vehicles the new year has to offer. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently named what they believe are the top ten best family cars of 2012. The list recognizes that every family has different needs and wants, so it attempts to diversify itself with a broad spectrum of automobile suggestions. From cars that come with affordable auto loans to large and accommodating SUVs, KBB’s list provides suggestions to satisfy all American families.
Interest rates
Mar, 5, 2012
Car financing and the world of interest rates can be confusing, intimidating, and downright aggravating, but if current and prospective borrowers equip themselves with knowledge, auto loans can be tamed and used for a borrower’s highest benefit.
Car sitting on a piggy bank
Feb, 16, 2012
Oftentimes prospective auto loan borrowers wonder how much they can afford when it comes to financing a vehicle. What percentage of one’s income is the perfect amount to ensure one doesn’t fall into default? Default usually occurs when borrowers take money out for an amount outside of their means to repay. The weight of the auto loan begins to weigh on them after a few months, and then the inevitable default occurs. While unexpected expenses and emergencies may be unavoidable, if borrowers follow a responsible budgeting plan, they can maximize their potential to pay off their car loan regardless of what life throws at them.  
Gas gauge at empty
Feb, 3, 2012
While it may not seem like it, automakers have made huge leaps in fuel efficiency technology within the last few decades. We’re not just taking about the electric vehicle platform either, as we’ve also seen technological improvements in good old-fashioned V-cylinder blocks. But with that being said, when one seeks car financing and begins their vehicle research, the miles per gallon (MPG) statistics are simply not that impressive.  
Computer image of a car's frame
Jan, 24, 2012
Remember when small portable televisions were among the most phenomenal pieces of technology we had ever seen? Everybody salivated with jealousy as the man sitting in the airport with the small 3’’ by 3’’ screen watched the news while waiting for his plane to arrive. Now when we walk through the same airport, there are children with enormous tablets, playing full 3D games with other children halfway across the world, and controlling their device with the flick of a finger.  
Superhero standing with hands on hips
Jan, 6, 2012
As houses dropped underwater and home loans flipped upside-down, property owners across the nation looked at their financial obligations and wondered how on Earth they would sustain them. Then, as the job market dropped to its knees and fell in line with the real estate world, the nation as a whole felt the eerie weight of economic collapse hovering over their shoulders. Many were forced to default on their home loans, while others decided to default intentionally, believing it made the most financial sense for themselves and their families.