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Businessman over city rope
Dec, 11, 2013
The Great Recession hit America like a natural disaster, creating a downward shift in nearly every facet of the economy. Homes were lost, unemployment skyrocketed, and businesses faced bankruptcy and closures. From 2008 to 2010, more than 200,000 small businesses disappeared.
businessmen exchanging dollars
Dec, 9, 2013
It is often easy to forget that entrepreneurs are just normal people. They have the same problems and insecurities as other people. After all they are only human. Like non-entrepreneurs, they grapple with raising families, dating, weight loss, life goals, and, of course, debt. Entrepreneurs have to repay their debts just like everyone else. Be it auto loan debt, student loan debt, personal loan debt, or business loan debt, entrepreneurs must divert some of their income to debt repayment lest they fall victim to default and debt collectors. However, entrepreneurs have one card up their sleeve: their business.
army man on top of dollars
Oct, 3, 2013
The central feature of all business is competition for profit. Aside from industries where there are monopolies or oligopolies, every industry is defined by various competing companies and corporations trying to make money. In a similar point of view, nations also compete with one another and at times they engage in the most destructive of competitions: warfare. Even though it is very debatable how similar or dissimilar warfare and capitalist business are, for one group of entrepreneurs, it is natural to draw connections between the two.
app icon
Aug, 30, 2013
Entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge to beat the competition. Two decades ago, having a website was not a universal standard, and many companies often beat their rivals by being the first to have web presence. Nowadays, in our mobile and interconnected world, apps are the next “big thing” and may very well be the edge that could make one company more competitive than another.
fraud typeface
Aug, 13, 2013
Amid recent headlines about government surveillance, the ongoing Syrian Civil War, and the latest pointless celebrity news, business loan fraud just isn’t covered much or discussed in depth. But unfortunately for the countless struggling businesses in the nation, business loan fraud may have a lot more impact than imagined. In fact, the repercussions of business loan fraud crimes may very well be causing the economy to continue its all-too-slow pace towards recovery. No Borrowing, No Growth
hundred dollar bills on a computer circuit
Aug, 8, 2013
Emerging industries are companies and fields of business centered on new technology. At one point or another, most every technology that humanity takes for granted began as an emerging industry, from the creation of combustion engines in the world’s first cars and the first airplanes spawned by the Wright brothers, to the first commercial computers and microchip technology used in so many of our devices today. Innovation has been pushed forward for countless millennia, from stone cutting all the way to space travel.
Smoke in urban city
Jul, 24, 2013
Detroit is beyond broke — it is bankrupt. Last Thursday, Detroit filed for bankruptcy. This announcement garnered national attention because it is the largest city to declare bankruptcy. While local officials decide how to proceed in the coming weeks and months, many businesses face uncertainty about how the city’s financial problems will drift down and impact them. Not the First, Not the Last Edward J. Grebeck, global debt market strategist and CEO of Tempus Advisors, told that Detroit is not the largest city that has faced these financial issues.
food truck
Jun, 6, 2013
Nobody can stop talking about food trucks. Even social media isn’t safe from the trend. In fact, there has been a recent proliferation of television shows specifically about this food truck phenomenon. Just what is driving this national food truck craze?
Glass Office Building
Jun, 3, 2013
Crowdfunding platforms are growing in number and expanding constantly. Everything from technology to movies to business ventures can be funded by these channels. But if more and more businesses turn to alternative lenders for funding, what will happen to standard business loans provided by banks? found out how these two lending options vary, and whether or not there is room for each in the expanding economy. Business is Booming
number five on fire
May, 17, 2013
Starting a business is one of the most difficult and rewarding endeavors to undertake. While the road to profit is a difficult uphill climb for most, many never get the chance to even set out on the path to building up a business. Businesses can take a great deal of money to launch, and with commercial lending on the rise, there’s never been a better time to try to obtain business loan financing.