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Apr, 4, 2013
Crowdfunding is all the rage. From funding educations, to films, to new businesses, it seems like everything is going to be crowdfunded before long. This explosion in popularity should come as little surprise though, as the traditional route of obtaining capital for a startup — applying for business loans at your local bank — has begun to fail a huge portion of our population. A 2010 report from the US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency, found that minority-owned businesses have less access to borrowing business loans due to racial discrimination.
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Mar, 12, 2013
The last increase in the federal minimum wage was in July 2009, raising the rate to a meager $7.25 per hour. Over three years have passed — nothing has changed. In President Obama’s State of the Union address in February, he suggested an incremental increase in the federal minimum wage. The increase to $9.00 would reach the maximum amount by year 2015 and then would be indexed for inflation afterwards. Currently the idea is only a business proposal, so it will still have to pass through a highly divided Congress where it is likely to be disputed or overturned.
taxes file
Feb, 8, 2013
Guess what time it is? Yes, it is tax season again! Tax season is upon us and if you are a small business owner get ready to prepare your taxes. Unlike the big mega-corporations who have legions of accountants, chances are most small business owners don’t have the same resources.
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Feb, 5, 2013
Just in case you thought celebrities were successful enough, think again! Many celebrities try their hands at starting businesses. While not all of them are successful, we’ve managed to track down 10 celebrities who seem to have Midas’ touch. Here is a list of the top 10 most successful celebrity entrepreneurs. In fact, one of them launched their business by borrowing a loan! Let’s start the countdown to number one! 10. Gwen Stefani
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Dec, 18, 2012
The current economy, although on a steady rise, still poses hurdles for new and existing businesses to receive funding. But there are ways to increase the odds of bank approval. Although each bank has its own policy for new business loans, there are similarities at most banks that will increase a potential borrower’s chances of approval. Beyond the more obvious methods, such as providing collateral and positive financial information, there are other less-known ways to increase a borrower’s chances of approval for business lending. Research Potential Lenders
Business goals headed down
Dec, 12, 2012
Each year, entrepreneurs set out with noble ideas and high goals for business success. Some succeed while others fail. Although there are always unforeseen issues that can trouble a business, most small businesses fail because of similar reasons. The Small Business Administration (SBA) cites 10 reasons for small business failure. The reasons are provided by Michael Ames, author of textbook “Small Business Management” and Gustav Berle, author of “The Do-It-Yourself Business Book.”
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Nov, 27, 2012
Far from being another internet buzzword, crowdfunded business loans will become a leading form of commercial financing. Crowdfunding, the pooling of wealth online by individual investors to offer business loans, is yet another online innovation that will become a method of investment as integral as conventional lending.
Businessman asking for bailout
Nov, 15, 2012
A new report paid for by the Small Business Administration (SBA) suggests that the government bailouts for banks during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis did not assist lending for small companies. Bailed-out banks cut their lending to small businesses more than other banks did, according to a paper released by Rebel Cole, a DePaul University economist.
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Nov, 14, 2012
The war in Afghanistan is scheduled to end in a military withdrawal in 2014 by the Obama Administration. Additionally, the Pentagon will be cutting $600 billion in January 2013 as part of the sequestration cuts. Once the US concludes its operations in Afghanistan, whether or not the Taliban have been defeated, it will no longer be necessary to have such an expensive or large military. As a result, the Small Business Administration has estimated that over 250,000 service members will transition from active duty to civilian status.
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Nov, 8, 2012
President Obama’s victory has calmed and he has returned back to work. The campaign trails are deserted and the script writers can take a moment’s breath. But the real reform is still to come, and one sector is waiting for a new outcome: small businesses. Small businesses keep this country alive. Without them, the important needs of America’s citizens would not be met. Although a person can theoretically purchase anything from Wal-Mart and Target, it is the remaining businesses which show that the country can still prosper.