Business Loans Articles

dollar sign surrounded by crowd
Oct, 25, 2012
Crowdfunding has blitzed onto the lending scene. A myriad of online websites now exist for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their vision to various investors who then pool their money into a loan—hence the “crowd” in crowdfunding.
clock and money
Oct, 10, 2012
For many businesspersons and wishful entrepreneurs, business loans are a vital form of financing that aids in the maintaining or creation of a commercial entity. Commercial loans can even help fuel economic growth by leading to a national increase in jobs and commerce. While many business loans articles discuss benefits of commercial financing, entrepreneurs should remember that, like all debt, borrowing can result in the loss of both time and money. Time
woman with laptop money
Oct, 5, 2012
Thanks to the ongoing credit crunch it has been difficult for businesses to get commercial loans. Most banks, still gun shy from the subprime lending crisis, are none too eager to dole out money to small and new businesses. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, innovative online business loan lenders are rapidly rising to fill the void.
Peer-to-peer network
Sep, 13, 2012
The lending industry has been reeling since the financial crisis of 2007. Subsequently, the global economy is facing the longest and deepest recession since the Great Depression. In times like these, innovation is often the charge needed to restart the engine of prosperity and growth. Within the financial industry, peer-to-peer lending—also known as p2p lending—has revealed itself as a new form of financing that offers everything from personal to business loans. This new form of financing can fund promising businesses which, in turn, may lead to more job creation.
Business man faced with different choices
Aug, 7, 2012
Both large and small businesses alike have weathered a huge blow from the recent economic crisis. Established entrepreneurs and business owners alike saw their life’s work crash before their eyes almost overnight. While experts called this crisis a “recession,” many others saw this as nothing short of a full-blown depression. For those businesses that have weathered this storm, many are finding the need for business financing in order to bridge their businesses from today’s market into tomorrow’s recovery.
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Aug, 7, 2012
The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers commercial borrowing to businesses across the nation. So long as an entrepreneur’s company operates for profit, engages in business in the United States (or in a U.S. territory), has reasonable owner equity to invest, and has already used alternative financial resources, then that business owner may be eligible for at least one SBA loan type.
Business plan
Aug, 6, 2012
Creating a business plan is an entrepreneur’s first step to secure business loans from lenders. Business plans are required by all lenders, regardless of whether a lender is private or backed by the Small Business Administration. This step is so crucial that appearing before a lender without a business plan is probably the quickest way for borrowers to be denied their business loan.
Business men and women in front of money
Aug, 3, 2012
If you’re hoping to start up a business or expand a current business, chances are you’re going to need some capital to do so. Many business owners obtain that capital by financing a traditional business loan through a bank. But before agreeing to a typical business loan, owners and entrepreneurs should be aware that the government offers a special type of business financing through what are called SBA loans.