Business Loans Calculators

debt to asset graphs
Our debt-to-assets calculator is designed to help prospective borrowers find out whether or not they’ll be considered a good applicant for a small business loan. When lenders look at an applicant’s credentials, one of the most important influential factors is a borrower’s existing debt. If a lender gives money to a borrower with a high amount of debt, that lender’s money is at greater risk since the borrower has multiple payments to juggle.
business man counting profit
This gross profit calculator is meant to give small business owners a look into how much money they’re making after factoring in their costs of the product or service they’re selling. By filling out both the total profit brought in through sales and the total cost of whatever product or service a company is offering, users can quickly see the amount of profit (or lack thereof) that they’re generating. For instance, if a business owner is bringing in $10,000 a month selling a product that he’s paying $6,000 a month to stock, this gross profit calculator will reveal that the owner is making a profit of 40 percent.