Business Loans Infographics

business loan horror stories infographic
Oct, 23, 2013
Companies often borrow business loans when they are struggling or need to expand. Unfortunately, some companies end up going out of business because they borrowed too much or had terrible management. In light of Halloween,’s latest infographic compares tragic corporate failures with equally terrifying horror movie franchises. But while the former — which were supposed to be profitable and happy enterprises — resulted in horrifying failure, the latter — which were supposed to frightening — resulted in profitable success.
Game of Loans infographic with Game of Thrones style
Mar, 15, 2013
Just as the rival kings in Game of Thrones battle to expand their powerbases, in real life, entrepreneurs compete to get their businesses off the ground and into profitable status. This infographic is themed after the popular television series Game of Thrones, and sheds light on interesting statistics related to business startups and financing. For instance, while capital has been very difficult to obtain, a full 20 percent of last year’s entrepreneurs were able to finance their startups with business loans. Of those, the average business loan balance was $256,060.