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May, 15, 2013
A new startup business loan program has been launched in Maryland. Qualified businesses can receive part of a $3.3 million business loan fund that casino revenue provided for. The goal of the program is to stimulate job growth and develop Maryland into a center of technological innovation. Applicants will be approved or rejected by the Chesapeake Innovation Center while the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation will manage the $3.3 million fund. Half of the loans will be made exclusively available to women and minorities. Business loan financing will focus on small businesses with less than 50 employees.
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May, 10, 2013
Small businesses in New York can now take advantage of crowdfunded business loans. By offering commercial loans to local businesses, individual lenders will be able to support enterprises in their community; perhaps the very same stores and restaurants they frequent. Now, individual lenders can go to Funding Community, a localized crowdfunder that offers more than just financing to local businesses in the state of New York.
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May, 7, 2013
Small Business Administration (SBA) loan lending is thawing. This will prove a boon to businesses seeking business loans and entrepreneurs seeking financing to launch new companies. According to the actual data, SBA lending has increased and heralds signs of economic recovery. The data shows that business loans to minorities, women and startups both increased in quantity and in total money lent.
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May, 3, 2013
The USDA will be funding four electric projects across several states. The goal of this initiative is to generate reliable and affordable electricity for citizens in some of the nation’s most rural areas. According to the USDA’s press release, this is just one part of an overall effort to strengthen the rural economy of the country.
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Apr, 29, 2013
The city of Elk River, Minn., is hosting a forgivable business loan program. Under the terms of the program, participating businesses must meet certain requirements in order to borrow business loans and then have their loans forgiven. The program, which is under the oversight of the Elk River Economic Development Commission, has allowed Alliance Machine, Orluck Industries and Preferred Powder Coating to become the first three program participants.
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Apr, 25, 2013
One record company has begun offering business microloans to musicians. Threadhead Records, based in Los Angeles, Calif., was built with a focus on helping New Orleans continue to recover after the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina. The company offers business microloans to musicians to fund the creation of their art. However, a portion of the interest repaid on these business microloans is donated to New Orleans’ charities.
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Apr, 22, 2013
Small businesses have become a key target for cyber criminals, according to a report by Symantec. The security software firm found that 51 percent of all cyber attacks against businesses hit companies with less than 2,500 employees. Thirty-one percent of those attacks were against businesses with less than 250 employees.
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Apr, 19, 2013
The SBA is hosting a webinar on April 24, 2013, to help educate small business owners and entrepreneurs on social media. In partnership with the W20 Group, which is an “ecosystem” of digital communications companies, the SBA hopes this webinar will aid entrepreneurs in leveraging and growing their businesses.
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Apr, 15, 2013
Hurricane Sandy’s damage is still being felt by many business owners. In response to this, the SBA announced that it will be distributing a $19 million emergency appropriation. According to an SBA press release, Administrator Karen Mills said that these funds would put proven and effective tools in the hands of small business owners located in hard-hit areas.
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Apr, 12, 2013
Small business owners in the Greater Los Angeles can add a new company to their list of lenders. Opportunity Fund, a nonprofit microlender, has just announced it has expanded to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. According to Opportunity Fund’s press release, 550 entrepreneurs in the area have already received funds. Opportunity Fund expects to lend to as many as 1,200 businesses this year. The microlender intends to offer $4 million in the coming year.