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Due to the confusing fine print and mathematic formulas that go into mortgage loan contracts, we’ve set out to give borrowers a helping hand.

Our mortgage calculators are intuitive and easy-to-use. They are meant to help borrowers calculate the most profitable route on what will be, for many, the biggest purchase of their lives.

Borrowers curious about how much they’ll qualify for or how much of a monthly payment they can afford will find our calculation tools invaluable.

To the left you will find a basic calculating tool. This simple mortgage loan calculator is designed to help borrowers determine how much they’ll pay on their financing at a specific interest rate. With this instrument, borrowers will be given a neatly organized visual chart that will spell out every monthly payment, broken down by both principal and interest.

Use it by first entering an expected purchase price, interest rate, down payment, and term. The calculator will automatically pre-fill the approximate taxes and insurance, but those can both be changed for a more accurate calculation. Finally, the PMI and extra costs fields are completely optional.

For more specific tools though, select from the available links below. Those links house our more specific and complex home loan calculators.

The home affordability calculator will figure out how much of a monthly payment borrowers can afford. By filling out a few fields on this free tool, borrowers can acquire the knowledge necessary to find a healthy home payment.

Our mortgage points calculator is designed to help consumers determine whether trading thousands of dollars for “points” is more beneficial than saving that money and settling with a higher interest rate. For most people, mortgage points are confusing at best, foreign at worst, but this points house loan calculator will hopefully point you towards a profitable and responsible decision.

Each of these mortgage calculators are meant to help borrowers better understand what home financing is all about.

Sample results from a mortgage calculation



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