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Silhouette of a superhero
Feb, 27, 2012
The famous saying “If at first you fail, try, try again,” didn’t become famous because it sounded optimistic and noble, but rather because it’s necessary in the pursuit for success. This old adage doesn’t only apply to the individual, but also to groups, businesses, and even the government.
Dry and cracked desert ground
Feb, 23, 2012
Accessible by a far drive east on the 10 freeway, nestled deep in the inland desert of Southern California, rests a spot few could imagine, let alone know exists. East of the Salton Sea, and just outside of a small town called Niland is a location some call "the place of last resort." “Where are you going?” a deputy asked a New York Times reporter, even though the officer already knew the answer since the road they both sat on led to just one place. “The best thing to do,” he advised, “is to turn around.”
Downward arrow in shape of a house
Feb, 13, 2012
Today’s home loan borrowers are the brave vanguard of this financial crisis, receiving blow after blow, as they weather declines in home equity, watch the foreclosure numbers rise, and look on in disgust as criminal bank activity continues to be uncovered. As a result of those three factors—and assuredly many others—the home mortgage loan interest rate has broken the floor eight times in the past year, causing the media to go into a frenzy over each one of these newsworthy announcements.
Flag flying at Capitol
Jan, 27, 2012
The State of the Union address that aired this past Tuesday on January 24, 2012 brought forth a plethora of new propositions, bill requests, and encouragement from the president of the United States. Much was spoken about the lending industry—ranging from student financing concerns to the success of the bailed out auto industry—but one group should be very happy: home mortgage loan borrowers.
House floating on a life ring
Jan, 18, 2012
A common thought, and possible misconception, is that upside-down mortgage loans lock homeowners in place. Those living in an underwater home are believed to be stuck, unable to take new job opportunities or promotions requiring a migration since they have a weighty, negative asset that they’re unable to relieve themselves of. When skimming the surface of this argument, it’s not hard to understand why many believe it—after all, a borrower owning a home loan for more than the property is worth is in a pretty financially crippling situation.
Angel and devil pulling on either arm of man
Jan, 12, 2012
As the housing market continues to rip through American homeowners’ lives, causing destruction, stress, heartache, and uncertainty, the rise of foreclosures refuses to cease. Mortgage loan holders are finding their backs growing weak as their underwater assets sit heavily upon them. Monthly payments laugh hysterically in loan holder’s faces as they longingly look at their neighbors who are paying half the cost for the exact same property.  
Mouse trap with the word scam on it
Jan, 3, 2012
While scams have been around since the birth of currency, they are a tool used to take advantage of vulnerable people or situations. When the economy dips, scammers emerge in order to capitalize on the plight of the less fortunate, or to compensate for money the scammers have lost themselves.   Since the housing market’s collapse, mortgage loan scams have been trampling across the country in an uncontrollable stampede. From misrepresentations to blatant contractual omissions, mortgage loan fraud preys upon the unsuspecting in an attempt to cheat private sellers or banks out of expensive property.  
Statue of Atlas holding the world
Dec, 23, 2011
The end of the Great Recession was officially announced in June of 2009. Over two years have passed in our apparently recession-free nation, but we are still experiencing financial hurt that hasn’t been seen since the 1930’s. Unemployment is still sitting at the head of the table, mocking us and refusing to leave. It’s craftier and more concealed cousin, Underemployment, is enjoying an even more luxurious seat, as our nation’s highly skilled and highly educated workers are being forced to take any job opportunity that comes their way.
Empty wallet
Dec, 19, 2011
When applying for a home loan, borrowers may find themselves overwhelmed with a never-ending list of small charges. Unfortunately, borrowers are responsible not only for the price of the property itself, but also for various lenders’ fees.   Keep in mind that many of these extra fees can be negotiated. Here is a list of the most common extra charges to look out for.  Credit Report  
Hand holding picture of house to horizon
Dec, 7, 2011
The United States of America was founded on the principal of freedom, and the right—not the privilege—to increase one’s personal life based on ability and works. The American Dream, perhaps the single most unyielding piece of the sometimes invisible “American Culture,” perpetuates this ideology, and promises each citizen the opportunity to better their lives if they have the ability and determination to do so. This idea is so firmly grounded in the country’s paradigm that the most famous line of the Declaration of Independence’s is the one stating everybody is given the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”