Mortgage Loans Calculators

Hand holding a calculator in front of a house
Points are up-front fees on home loans that can be paid by borrowers who are interested in securing a lower interest rate. This mortgage points calculator is designed to help borrowers determine whether or not a reduced interest rate is worth the cost of points. The cost of a single mortgage point usually equates to 1 percent of an entire home loan’s amount, so if financing $200,000, each point would cost roughly $2,000.
A small and a big house sitting next to each other
Have you ever wondered how expensive of house you could afford? This home affordability calculator is designed to let borrowers know how much of a mortgage loan they can afford at their current wages and outstanding debt. By filling out one’s monthly income (or combined monthly income for couples), size of a down payment, total outstanding debts (other loans, cell phone bills, utilities, insurance bills, etc.), expected interest rate, and term (duration), borrowers will be given an idea of what kind of mortgage loan they can afford.