VA Loans

VA loans are a benefit granted to service members, veterans, and surviving spouses of veterans that grants our military the ability to purchase real estate with a more beneficial type of home loan than the general public uses. VA mortgage loans often offered at lower interest rates and smaller downpayment requirements. Oftentimes, those eligible for a VA home loan can take one out without any downpayment at all.

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These government-sponsored real estate loans come with certain requirements. First and foremost, they are only available to service members who are currently enlisted or to veterans who were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. Those who were discharged for any reason aside from honorable will usually require further investigation by the Department of Veterans Affairs before eligibility is determined.

VA military financing is also only available to those who have served in active duty within certain periods of time. Those specific dates have been outlined on the VA’s General Rules of Eligibility page.

Unremarried surviving spouses of prisoners of war (POWs), missing in action (MIA) service members, killed in action service (KIA) service members, or of a service member who died as a result of an injury or disability gained from his or her time in the military are also subject to being eligible for a VA loan.

Any interested in obtaining a VA mortgage should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and request a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). The COE may also be filled out online through their website, or be obtained from a VA approved lender.

Those found eligible for a VA loan may sometimes take out more than one of these military mortgages after they’ve relieved themselves of their first form of financing, but restoration of one’s eligibility for a second line of credit is often treated on a case-by-case basis.