Mortgage Loans Infographics

history american mortgage loan infographic
Dec, 6, 2013
In the past century, the housing economy has shifted dramatically. Mortgage lending used to be an unsecured investment so it was unavailable to a majority of borrowers. With the advent of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in 1936, as well as FNMA (which later became Fannie Mae) and the HOLC and in similar years, the housing market expanded. But the change did not occur overnight. Similar to the many steps required to build a home, creating a stable mortgage lending industry took time.
back to the future of mortgage rates infographics
May, 16, 2013
Mortgage rates have never been lower — but they most certainly have been higher! This latest infographic takes mortgage loan rates back in time from the last decade, to the 90s and even back to the 80s! It turns out, you could have spent a lot more on your mortgage loan payments in the past than you could or would today. We thought the best way to understand the savings that today’s mortgage loan interest rates brings is by comparing present day costs with the past’s.
Foreclosure Infographic
Feb, 20, 2013
America is a nation underwater. The sweeping wave of foreclosures that began in 2008 has improved, but not drastically. Foreclosures continue to occur across the United States, causing disrepair in their path. Foreclosures are not simple and they impact both consumers and the economy as a whole.