America: A Nation Underwater

America is a nation underwater.

The sweeping wave of foreclosures that began in 2008 has improved, but not drastically. Foreclosures continue to occur across the United States, causing disrepair in their path.

Foreclosures are not simple and they impact both consumers and the economy as a whole.

One in four homeowners is currently underwater on their mortgage, meaning that they owe more than the house is worth. On a local level, a single foreclosure adds up to $34,000 in direct costs on local government agencies such as the police and fire department, as well as demolition and utility costs.

In order to illustrate the commonality of foreclosures and their impact on the country, compiled a heat map of the United States to show the frequency of foreclosures state-by-state, as well as the states with the highest total of foreclosures in December 2012.

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Foreclosure Infographic
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