Mortgage Rates Start 2013 Low

blue home or house with red percentage inside
Freddie Mac released a report on mortgage loan interest rates for the first week of 2013. The organization’s press release shows that interest rates have reached record lows and will continue to aid the ongoing housing recovery by making mortgage loans more affordable.

According to the report, fixed-rate mortgages dipped from their levels seen in the final days of 2012 to those recorded in the first week of 2013.

The report found that 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loans averaged 3.34 percent, having fallen from 3.35 percent in the final week of December 2012. The national average for 15-year fixed mortgages dropped by 0.01 percent as well, falling to 2.64 percent this week.

However, the trends associated with adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are practically the opposite.

The 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid ARM averaged 2.71 percent this week, which is up slightly from the final week of December 2012 when it averaged 2.70 percent. The 1-year Treasury-indexed ARMs also rose, increasing to 2.57 percent this week when compared to 2.56 in the final week of 2012.

“New home sales rose in November to a two-year high and were up 15.3 percent from the previous November,” said Freddie Mac’s Vice President and Chief Economist Frank Nothaft in the press release.

This increase in home sales has been the strongest pace seen since the first quarter of 2010; a clear sign of the ongoing housing recovery.