Mortgage Loans Research

Crystal ball globe and market
Oct, 22, 2013
The housing industry is built on calculated estimates, but as time passes, it is clear that this highly-researched information is merely a guess. researched how well economists and housing professionals predicted what would change in 2013. In the next two months, this same group of economists will make housing and economic predictions for the upcoming year of 2014. Comparing the past predictions with the current statistics prove that despite heavy research, the housing industry is a fluid market and suggestions should always be taken with some discretion.
Mortgage rate fluctuations
Apr, 30, 2013
Over the past two years, the housing industry has experienced a significant change. The years leading up to 2011 were stark due to the then-recent housing crash. The subsequent years allowed for a slow, but steady strengthening. Mortgage loan interest rates have declined since 2011 and continue to remain near record lows, which assist the housing industry on multiple levels. But large changes do not happen overnight. In the period since 2011, the 30-year rate alone has dropped from a high of 5.05 percent to a record low of 3.31 percent. This large change took over 21 months to occur.