Where are Payday Loans Banned?

Payday loans are a highly contested form of consumer lending.

Advocate groups fight to protect them while consumer groups work to limit or eliminate them completely. Currently, 12 states have laws that either ban payday loans or have strict lending laws which make them unprofitable in the state.

In order to simplify the information, compiled a United States map to show the geographical regions with the most regulation. In addition, this infographic provides some history into several states’ legislation and delivers some fun facts about the industry.

For instance, did you know that New York is considered one of the toughest states on payday loan laws, and certain usury charges can carry a maximum sentence of 15 years? Compare this with North Carolina’s Senate Bill 89 which is working to re-instate payday loans in the state.

For a full list of statewide payday lending rules, please visit our interactive map and research page.

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where are payday loans banned infographic
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