NC Attorney General Protects Marines from Payday Loans

marine corps parade uniform
The North Carolina Attorney General is taking up arms to protect Marines and members of the military from predatory payday loan lenders.

On May 15, Attorney General Roy Cooper hosted a “Scam Jam” at Marine Corps Camp Lejeune. During the presentation he raised awareness about identity theft, automobile scams and usurious predatory payday loans; all of which threaten the financial wellbeing of both enlisted Marines and their families.

Noelle Talley, Public Information Officer for Attorney General Roy Cooper and the N.C. Department of Justice, told that Cooper reminded the Marines that many of them were financially inexperienced since most are young and earning their first paychecks. Cooper expressed that while most businesses in the Camp Lejeune area and across the state were supportive of military customers, some, such as predatory payday loan lenders, viewed them as targets.

“Cooper spent many years fighting to rid the state of payday lenders, and has also fought predatory mortgage loans,” said Talley. She continued to explain that Cooper wrote the state’s strong predatory lending law.

Talley said that Cooper opposes current efforts in the North Carolina General Assembly that would allow storefront payday loan lending back into the state and that would raise rates on small consumer finance loans. 

She explained that Cooper feels that if consumer, short-term, and payday loans aren’t good enough for our military men and women, then they aren’t good enough for other consumers either.

Attorney General Cooper plans to host additional “Scam Jams” at other military bases and installations across the state of North Carolina. A consumer protection guide is available for military personnel to view on the state’s Department of Justice website.

Military personnel are welcome to file a consumer complaint with the Attorney General’s office at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or online at

(Quotes from Ms. Talley obtained by Isaac Juarez)