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credit report
Dec, 16, 2013
Credit scores are sort of like souls. After too many mistakes, a person with a bad credit score finds themselves damned to a financial inferno where they can’t qualify for loans. Making the right decisions and repaying lenders means a person gets a glowing credit score and easy access to financing heaven. Well it turns out there’s actually more than one soul, so to speak, or more accurately, more than one type of credit score.
Money trail shoes
Dec, 12, 2013
Low credit scores, high levels of debts and a poor financial history can severely limit a consumer’s power in the economy. When negative marks and debts are prevalent, some feel that there is no way out of the mess. But many previous debtors have escaped the financial perils brought on by poor decisions and now have lower debt balances and positive credit scores. Their path to financial freedom is not always the same, but the end-result and the appreciation for a better financial life almost always is. These are some of their stories.
Wedding bands and credit card
Nov, 14, 2013
Money is the main cause of marital conflict, yet so few couples are willing to talk about critical topics before issues arise. Nearly 90 percent of divorces stem from money issues, according to Kimberly Foss, founder and president of Empyrion Wealth Management. The marriage might not dissolve strictly due to financial incompatibility, but it can create any number of problems that lead to an eventual divorce. The importance of having financial conversations before they turn into problems is obvious, but couples across the world remain unaware or ambivalent about financial topics.
shopping bag full of dollars
Nov, 5, 2013
Black Friday is fast approaching. Unlike most holidays which ostensibly maintain the appearance of being about family and generosity, Black Friday is an almost comedic celebration of consumerism. Despite all its criticism, consumerism bolsters the economy along and helps keep millions of people employed as Americans everywhere rush to buy the latest clothes, electronics, and gifts in time for December.
politician pulling money out of his pocket
Jul, 2, 2013
Political Scientist Harold Dwight Lasswell said that politics can be defined as deciding who gets what, when, and how. However, we live in a world where money almost always decides who gets what, when, and how. While money and, by extension, capitalism are not necessarily evil bogeymen plaguing the nation, politicians — with their oftentimes flawed natures and failures to live up to promises — can become problematic for the people who voted them into power and the general citizenry as a whole.
Older couple reviewing money
May, 13, 2013
Stephen Ellzey will be turning 59 next month, but his working career is far from over and any hope for retirement has since vanished. Ellzey, a development director for Access Monterey Peninsula, told that he “will have to work until they spread my ashes on the Pacific.” It all started at his last job in the television industry. A new business model was enacted at the company and his tenured status disappeared. His sales depleted, he lost most of his clients and his $160,000 income shrank to a meager $34,000.
Financially stressed man
May, 7, 2013
The pathways to suicide can be influenced by many things: a history of depression, family loss, and a sense of loneliness to name a few. One common source for serious depression is financial strain. The average American has $15,204 in credit card debt, $148,818 in mortgage debt, and $33,005 in student loan debt. Other debts further weigh on consumers, such as personal loan debt, payday loans, and auto loans.
Apr, 23, 2013
Bitcoin has been called everything from a Ponzi scheme to the beginning of the third wave of currency. The creation of an anonymous coder operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is a private, decentralized digital currency best known for its fluctuating, bubble-like price. It is “mined” by a network of computers that calculate complex equations and consists of a single string of text.
hooded and clothed faceless loan shark
Apr, 16, 2013
It’s never been easier to borrow money online. A simple Google search will lead you to a variety of lenders; some better than others. Even Reddit has a section where borrowers seeking personal loans can hook up with willing lenders.  Websites like PayPal and Google Checkout make it simple to send money to borrowers, and in turn for borrowers to receive money. But just because it is easy doesn’t mean it should be done. In fact, borrowers should never borrow money from strangers they meet online, even when they’re desperate. It’s A Trap!
the number 5 made out of coins
Mar, 22, 2013
The best way to get out of personal loan debt is to have enough money to pay it off. Unfortunately, not everyone can magically summon money from thin air. Instead, most people have to either earn more money or save more money. Since the current job market makes it rather difficult to earn more money at the moment, it is far easier for most to save money in order to pay off personal loan debt. Here are five great ways to save money and get rid of debt sooner rather than later. 1. Annuities