The Rising Cost of Christmas

Christmas is only days away.

Even though Christmas is always an expensive time of the year, a new infographic displays that the cost of Christmas has actually increased over the years. Whether it is Christmas cards, trees, or online shopping, people are generally spending more money than they were in the past (and some are probably wishing they could borrow some money to make up the difference). 

Here are some of the facts found on the infographic:

In 2004, 58 percent of Americans used fake trees instead of real ones.

In 2000, the cost to buy each of the items in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” cost over $15,000. In 2012, it cost $25,000.

Each year, 74 percent of all card purchases happen during Christmas.

The infographic also shows that since 2007, the amount of people who buy gifts online has increased by over 10 percent.

Even though consumers probably wish they could ho ho hold off on some purchases this Christmas, as the trends in the infographic show, they will probably end up spending more money in 2013 than in 2012.

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The Rising Cost of Christmas Infographic
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