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Dec, 23, 2013
A newly proposed bill would stop pre-employment credit checks on non-security related jobs.
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Dec, 20, 2013
Freedom Financial Network (FNN), a debt consolidation company, received a massive $125 million investment from Venture Capital, a firm co-founded by Microsoft magnate Paul Allen. The goal of the investment is to create FreedomPlus, a new direct lending platform that will lend personal loans to struggling consumers in need of financing. FNN touts that FreedomPlus will be able to overcome the challenges and benefits of peer-to-peer lending found in rival platforms by offering direct lending to “emerging prime” consumers.
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Nov, 8, 2013
According to a 60 Minutes report, politicians on both sides of the aisle are lending personal loans to their campaigns and profiting off of the returns. The payments received from these loans have allegedly been so profitable that politicians have been able to afford NFL game tickets, trips to Europe, and golf outings. Election Law attorney Gene Berardelli said that the use of personal loans in campaign finance was intended to help out candidates that were self-financing their own campaigns. It was also meant to help keep campaigns going should money run low.
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Oct, 16, 2013
Representative Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) recently learned just how quickly disgruntled workers can backfire. He wrote a Facebook post stating that furloughed federal workers affected by the shutdown can turn to personal loans when faced with bill deadlines. The past 16 days of the government shutdown have brought a wave of inappropriate and untimely comments from both sides of the aisle, and Pearce, a House Republican who represents the second district of New Mexico, is now among them. The Facebook post stated the following:
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Sep, 23, 2013
Consumers are told frequently to monitor their social media usage to improve future jobs and relationships, but very few know that their posted content can impact their borrowing capabilities. Several alternative lenders have recently announced that they focus on social media usage of both their applicants and their applicant’s social circle, creating a different scale for determining a borrower’s eligibility on funding such as personal loans and business loans. Two major companies that involve elements of social media in the lending process are Lenddo and Kabbage.
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Jul, 12, 2013
Far from being senior citizens that lack financial sharpness, the elderly actually have an advantage over younger generations when it comes to borrowing personal loans. Unlike younger generations, the elderly have had an entire lifetime to build up credit, collateral, and value in their personal lives. These can be key benefits when it comes to borrowing money for personal needs. To learn more about how the elderly fare when it comes to personal loan financing, spoke with several financial experts who understand the situations that surround senior citizens seeking to borrow money.
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Jun, 21, 2013
Jonathan Gracia, of Middletown, Conn., has pled guilty to one count of wire fraud stemming from an investment scheme that victimized several investors. Court documents and statements revealed that Gracia had falsely portrayed himself as a website and iPhone app developer.
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Jun, 14, 2013
When Johnathan Ness decided to get married a month ago, he avoided the average financial strain most couples experience. Ness and his wife Leah had the wedding and reception at Briarhurst Manor near Colorado Springs. The ceremony and reception only cost the couple $3,100. After all of the expenses were added up, including a cruise, a wedding dress and wedding rings, it only jumped to $5,600 — significantly lower than the national average.
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May, 17, 2013
Are you in Maryland and in desperate need of new plumbing? Well, there’s a personal loan for that. The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has launched an Indoor Plumbing Program that will provide indoor plumbing to homes. The press release from the DHCD states that the personal loans can be used for either owner-occupied homes or rental properties that do not have indoor plumbing.
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May, 14, 2013
Three candidates for a Pennsylvania court seat have raised nearly $240,000 for their individual campaign, some of which is from personal loan contributions. The candidates, Harry Smail Jr., Meagan Bilik DeFazio and William McCabe are all campaigning for the court seat once filled by the retiring Judge John Driscoll. Each candidate cross-filed, so they are listed as both Republican and Democrat in the primary election which will be held on May 21.