College Calculator

An apple, a textbook, and a calculator
College costs a lot more than you might think. The expenses required to obtain a 2- or 4-year degree are much more than simple tuition. Rather, student need to think about tuition, books, school supplies, living expenses, transportation, and even entertainment.

This college calculator is meant to assist students (and parents) in identifying exactly what all those costs add up to be.

To use this student loan calculator, first identify which college you hope to attend. Then find out what sort of academic term that college runs on (semesters or quarters) and how many years you think it will take to acquire the degree of your choosing.

After entering that information into the topmost fields, begin entering the predicted costs of each of the listed items.

Please pay special attention to the instructions for each field, as each field asks for either a monthly expense, a yearly expense, or a term expense. Failing to follow those instructions could lead to a skewed and inaccurate calculation.

The miscellaneous expenses category is meant to allow borrowers to enter in custom expenses that the pre-fabricated fields don’t yet cover.

Leave any of the college calculator’s fields blank if they don’t apply to you.

Once all of your expenses have been input, click on the calculate button at the bottom and review your costs. If the calculations appear to be too high, refer to the visual bar graph that’s generated and decide on which area should be cut back. Then you may edit the fields appropriately and sculpt the ideal costs and expenditures for an affordable college career.

If this college calculator reveals a budget that looks acceptable, feel free to continue with the student loan application that will be generated at the bottom of your results.