Your Student Loan's Return on Investment

Do you ever wonder what your college education is really worth?

Study after study proves that college degrees are a valuable investment. Workers with bachelor’s degrees out-earn those with high school degrees by $1 million over the course of a lifetime.

But every degree is not made equal.

For financially-savvy borrowers, finding out a degree’s potential return on investment (ROI) can help illuminate the actual cost and value of an education. researched to see which career paths give the highest and lowest return on investment for a student loan borrower. We compared the average cost of both public and private universities with the median income for a person in that specific field.

For example, a high school teacher that chose a public university for their undergraduate degree can expect a 72.9 percent ROI. If the same borrower went to a private university, the ROI would drop to 38.1 percent.

The infographic below has nine other examples of degrees that either improve or burden the financial lives of student borrowers when they graduate in their desired fields.

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