Student Loans Research

Graduation cap and money
Jun, 28, 2013
In three short days, the interest rate for subsidized federal student loans will double. American citizens of all ages have protested against the increase, and petitioned for change, but nothing has been approved yet. Many groups have suggested fixes for the loan program, but two of the main proposals focus on either extending the interest rate for two more years, or linking the rates to yearly market values.
career compass
May, 23, 2013
Everyone knows about the Student Debt Crisis. It’s also common knowledge that different careers earn different levels of income. However, despite the different levels of income that come from various careers, for college graduates with student loan debt all that matters is how they are going to pay off their often gargantuan college-related balances.
Piggy bank standing on college textbooks
Jan, 31, 2012
With each passing school year, more and more California students, parents and media outlets cry foul that the cost of higher education is rising. But as the Golden State sinks further into debt, its education budget continues to suffer, and colleges are seeing a reduced flow of state-backed funds. To compensate, they’re raising prices—but at a much more alarming rate than most of us might expect.