Personal Loans Articles

Bride and Groom figurines on five dollar bills
Feb, 20, 2013
Many people borrow personal loans in order to fund their dream wedding. While getting into debt may not always be desirable, for a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, and in an economy with stagnant wage growth, many couples find themselves with few other options.    Of course, getting into debt so early in a marriage can bring out problems.
Signing a loan
Feb, 19, 2013
To sign or not to sign? That is the question facing many consumers. The elusive co-signing role is one that responsible borrowers should avoid at all costs. Every day, consumers with stable credit histories decide to assist their friends and family members and co-sign a loan, such as personal loans, student loans, or auto loans. But co-signing is about much more than simply adding one’s name to an agreement. That signature brings with it five major threats for a co-signing consumer.
Income tax return
Feb, 12, 2013
After the consuming task of submitting tax returns, the beneficial part arrives: payday. Instead of spending the return in a frivolous manner, taxpayers should utilize this annual check from the government to reduce their debts, including personal loans and credit cards.
blue shield hologram on computer digits
Feb, 12, 2013
News flash! The internet isn’t exactly a super-safe neighborhood. That’s an even truer statement when it comes to ecommerce and shopping online. While we can all agree that online shopping has made life infinitely easier, it has also made it infinitely easier for cybercriminals to prey on unsuspecting or hapless victims. There’s always a new story of hackers breaking into private accounts, or organizing into online crime rings and wreaking havoc.
money in the shape of a heart
Jan, 31, 2013
Guess what time it is? Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day season again. There are only a few weeks left until that wonderfully expensive holiday defined almost exclusively by gift-giving is here. What’s that? You’re low on cash? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. It turns out you don’t need to spend a ton of cash or even borrow some money in order to have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day with the one you love. There are a whole host of things you can do on a budget—gifts included—that won’t break the bank this February.
Woman and finances
Jan, 29, 2013
A voice is growing louder in the financial industry. Women are continuing to increase their hold on both the overall economy as well as their own personal finances. Some financial advisors are well aware of this female-oriented transition, whereas others are still treating their female customers in the exact manner as they do men. But as recent research finds, women’s control over their finances is a sector of the global economy that can no longer be ignored. Financial Growth From Women
A shattered and broken heart
Jan, 25, 2013
Despite it being common knowledge how prevalent divorce is nowadays, people still seem to be getting married. While divorce is probably one of the worst experiences an individual may endure, it is by no means the end of the world. Marriage is about more than just a name change, rings, and moving in together. It is a merging of debt and finances between the newly married couple. As you might imagine, when a marriage goes sour—for whatever reason—and divorce proceedings begin, the aspect of finances comes up.
Top 5
Jan, 10, 2013
The simple mention of a credit score can strike terror into the hearts of millions of people around the country; especially when it comes to personal loan applications. While it is perfectly understandable that people with bad credit would want to stick their heads in the sand and forget their problem, they are making one mistake. They fail to understand that every problem has an answer; the answer to bad credit is to improve your score.
Dollars on dumbbells
Jan, 4, 2013
This year, anything is possible. 2013 holds with it possibilities of becoming a healthier and more financially savvy person. According to a survey commissioned by TransUnion, more than half of Americans have a 2013 resolution to save more money. This common New Year’s resolution can be accomplished in several ways, such as by reducing debt, saving for emergencies, and moving funds to higher interest accounts.
Stressed woman paying bills
Nov, 30, 2012
A consolidation loan is a form of financing used to repay multiple debts. Instead of paying off several loans throughout the month, consumers can use a consolidation loan to merge all of their existing debt into one payment. Even though multiple debts are combined into one, the monthly bill is usually structured to be more than manageable.