Personal Loans Articles

Credit scores
Nov, 28, 2012
Companies across the world advertise elaborate and costly ways to help strengthen one’s credit score. But the truth is: most fixes can be achieved for free.
angry man with laptop
Nov, 21, 2012
Terrible credit scores seem to be the norm today. The world’s economy may arguably be recovering, but the damage has already been done as far as most peoples’ credit scores are concerned. Once the Great Recession started, job losses became commonplace. With little income, many people turned to credit cards, borrowing money, and getting themselves into debt to pay their monthly bills. Once those sources dried up, foreclosures began. As many people were forced to move out of their homes, a lingering threat became apparent: By borrowing so much money and failing to repay it, credit scores were damaged.
Holiday gift offered
Nov, 20, 2012
The holiday season can be a joyful time with gifts, family, and food; but many people worry about how to pay for all of the expensive additions to the festive season. With only weeks until Christmas, many individuals are researching personal loans and layaways to pay for in-store and online commerce. Days Left to Shop
Financially stressed couple
Oct, 31, 2012
Oh love! True love fosters poem writing, romantic notions, and heroic gestures, but many modern citizens question if it can withstand an important issue: debt.
car covered in snow in winter
Oct, 24, 2012
Once again the weather is getting colder, people are wearing jackets and coats, and wallets are getting lighter. Clearly, winter is here. Aside from a drop in temperature, winter also means a drop in savings account balances. A look at the costly factors in winter can answer the questions of some borrowers who expect their wallets and purses to lighten. The Costly Factors
election box painted like an american flag
Oct, 22, 2012
Money has always played a dominant role in elections. Without it there would be no funding for the expensive commercials, mail packets, signs, and campaign office staff necessary to winning an American election. While campaign contributions are certainly the most well known form of campaign funding, personal financing is also equally as common.
lying behind his back
Oct, 11, 2012
People borrow loans for any number of reasons. Some of the reasons people both lend and borrow money is to fund election campaigns. Unfortunately, not all political funding is as honest and ethical as the ideals that politicians always claim to strive for. A Manhattan Surrogate Judge has landed in hot water as a result of unethical financing. According to the findings of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, the Surrogate Judge—Nora Anderson—should be censured for accepting and failing to report campaign contributions in the form of an unsecured loan from her former boss.
pros and cons keys
Sep, 25, 2012
Personal loans can be used for a myriad of purchases, such as car payments, bills, or even to start a business. There are two types of personal loans; secured and unsecured. A secured personal loan is a loan that is secured by some kind of collateral, usually a home. In the event that a borrower defaults on the loan, the collateral is repossessed by the lender in order to cover the cost of the lost loan. An unsecured personal loan on the other hand has no such collateral.
Green arrows entering a funnel
Aug, 28, 2012
The current economy has pushed many Americans to their financial breaking points. Once the economy began to nosedive, Americans borrowed money in order to keep their heads above water. With income streams reduced, Americans used credit cards and financing to pay for everything from utility bills and rent to groceries and car payments. Adding another log to the proverbial fire is the fact that many Americans have debt, be it in the form of mortgages, student loans, or car payments.
Two arrows pointing in opposite directions
Aug, 14, 2012
The economy has seen better days. Jobless rates remain high, most educated workers are underemployed, foreclosures seem to be the norm, and everyone has tightened their belts when it comes to spending. This level of desperation hasn’t left a lot of room for good credit practices since maxing out credit cards, missing payments on mortgages or cars, and running up debt have become commonplace. Since people still need loans, whether they have good credit or not, bad credit personal loans may be one of the few—if not only—options remaining. The Downsides