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Magnifying glass over words "Credit Score"
Nov, 9, 2011
Credit scores represent how much of a credit risk borrowers are to lenders. Particularly for unsecured loans, like personal loans, a borrower’s credit score must meet a lender’s expectations. Credit scores are determined from information held by several credit bureaus, but are congregated into a single report by a company called Fair Isaacs Corporation, more commonly known as FICO.
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Sep, 19, 2011
When a borrower is in need of cash fast, there are many options – two of which are a line of credit and a personal loan. Both offer money when it’s needed from a private lender like a bank, but each has its own benefits and consequences and fits a different personal situation.
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Sep, 12, 2011
One of the most important things that many lenders consider is your credit score, which indicates the borrower’s financial history and his or her ability to pay back debt. A bad credit score, while not a death sentence, can cause a plethora of problems when applying for or paying back a personal loan.
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Sep, 12, 2011
One of the key determining factors in establishing the interest rate and terms of a loan and a loan's basic availability is the prospective borrower’s credit. People with bad credit face more restrictions and disadvantages when attempting to secure a loan – and personal loans are not exempt. While having a high credit score may enable greater borrowing opportunities, people with bad credit may still be eligible for a variety of personal loans with a number of different terms and requirements.